1872 Polk County Map

The Pioneers of Polk County, Iowa

1872 Polk County Map
1872 Polk County Map

This is a compilation of Sketches of Pioneers of Polk County, Iowa, and Reminiscences of Early Days, printed in the Sunday Register and Leader during the years 1904-5-6, that they may be more tangible and accessible to those who desire to preserve them.

The pioneers gave little or no attention to history. They were too busily engaged in making history, yet, historically, the period in which they lived was important and potential, for then was laid the foundation of the civic and social life of the county. It was not a time of great events, yet it was one of self-reliance, of persevering toil, of many privations, of numerous exigencies, all of which were cheerfully endured through faith in the well-being that was to follow.

The pioneers were generally poor. The experience of one was that of all. A common interest and common sympathy bound them together with enduring ties, for they were several years without the protection of civil government, or the presence of any judiciary government officer, and they became a law unto themselves. Therefore, the interest of one was the interest of all. The protection of each individual was in the goodwill and help of the entire community. Most of them have passed away, but they left a heritage of sons and daughters who have followed in the ways of righteousness and good-living.

Special effort has been made to have the record truthfully presented and chronologically correct. If errors are discovered, it should be borne in mind that forty years is a long time to retain in memory events of a restless and ever-changing community; that an infallible record of a person now living is impossible; that many of the pioneers passed away long ago; that the record must be gathered largely from the memory of their kindred and friends.


Volume 1 Sketches

Volume 2 Sketches

  • Andrews, L. F.
  • Andrews, Mrs. S. M.
  • Andrews, Nathan
  • Ayers, Guy K.
  • Bales, Solomon
  • Ball, Mrs. Frances M.
  • Beebe, George
  • Bolton, E. M.
  • Bondurant, A. C.
  • Brandt, Isaac
  • Brown, Leonard
  • Burke, Martin L.
  • Burke, L. M.
  • Burton, Wiley C.
  • Bussey, General Cyrus
  • Canfield, Elijah
  • Christy, William
  • Cole, Judge C. C.
  • Cory, I. M. T.
  • Crocker, General M. M.
  • Davis, John M.
  • Entwistle, Edward
  • Finkbine, Robert S.
  • Fisher, Mrs. Elizabeth Bale
  • Galbraith, Bartrum
  • Garton, Samuel B.
  • Geneser, Francis
  • Given, Judge Josiah H.
  • Godfrey, Col. George L.
  • Good, Charles
  • Graham, Seth
  • Gray, Samuel
  • Griffith, Capt. Isaac W.
  • Haines, Rev. Sanford
  • Hepburn, Addison J.
  • Hobaugh, John
  • Hubbell, F. M.
  • Ingersoll, E. J.
  • Jewett, George A.
  • Jones, A. D.
  • Kingman, A. S.
  • Lamb, Curtis
  • Lehman, William H.
  • Lott, Henry
  • Lowry, William
  • Lyon, Harrison
  • McDonnell, Nicholas S.
  • McQuiston, Mrs. Avis Saylor
  • Mitchell, Judge John
  • Morris, Judge T. T.
  • Murrow, David B
  • Myers, Mrs. Eliza Saylor
  • Norris, David
  • Nourse, Judge Charles C.
  • Rawson, Dr. Charles
  • Reinking, Conrad D.
  • Saucerman, Samuel
  • Saylor, Jehu P.
  • Saylor, Benjamin
  • Saylor, John B.
  • Saylor, Mrs. Martha Bales
  • Saylors, The
  • Sherman, Lampson P.
  • Sims, L. D.
  • Skinner, Dr. David D.
  • Smith, John L.
  • Sneer, George
  • Stewart, J. B.
  • Strauss, Moses
  • Thornton, Calvin
  • Thrift, J. M.
  • Tichenor, Col. George C.
  • Trullingcr, Daniel
  • Tuttle, Gen. James M.
  • Tuttle, Martin
  • Van Winkle, Gerrit C.
  • Wellslager, R. T.
  • Whitman, Dr. H. L.
  • Winterrowd, John F.
  • Wright, Judge George G.
  • Young, Madison

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