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Biography of Addison N. Boggs of Union Township Iowa

Discover the captivating life of Addison N. Boggs, a prominent figure in Union Township, Iowa, with deep roots in West Virginia. Born in 1849, he was the youngest son of Elliott and Eleanor Boggs, who faced significant persecution during the Civil War due to their unwavering support for the Union. After many trials, the family found solace in Ohio before moving to Illinois and eventually settling in Iowa. Addison’s story is marked by resilience and a strong commitment to agriculture, faith, and community. Learn more about his journey, family, and enduring legacy in this fascinating biography.

Adair County Iowa Death Records Page 1

Iowa State Death Record Indexes, 1917-1939

The State Historical Society of Iowa is in the process of making more of these records available online. Currently they have placed online death records for 87 counties with various dates for all of them which fall between 1917 and 1939.

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