1872 Polk County Map
Polk County

The Pioneers of Polk County, Iowa

This book does not contain the usual biographies of the individuals, rather it contains events in their lives as “pioneers” of Polk County. These were published in the Sunday Register and Leader, during the years of 1904-6; and the author of the book, compiled and published them in two books.

Cyrus A Mosier
Polk County

Biography of Cyrus Mosier

A conspicuous person among the early settlers was Cyrus A. Mosier, or Cy., as he was better known among them.

Ira Cook
Polk County

Biography of Ira Cook

A very prominent man in Des Moines in the early days was Ira Cook. He came to Davenport in 1836,

Samuel Green
Polk County

Biography of Samuel Green

If the early settlers who helped to build the town, few were better known, though very quiet and unostentatious, than

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  1. My name is Sandra Peters. My mother’s family are John W. Crawford and his wife Grace W. McDonald they are from Emmerson Mills, Iowa. There daughter Ethel Maude is my grandmother. I am going through old pictures being my mother passed away and they came to me. I am trying to find if there is any living relatives from this family. In one picture it shows Mary and Earl Crawford who I assume are my grandmothers brother and sister. I also have pictures of the house that they lived in. John was born in July 20, 1853 N.Y. and died in July 16,1926. Grace was born 27 March 1856 Ontario, Canada and died 8 October 1942. Both buried in Emmerson Cemetery. Ethel Maude Crawford was born 30 September 1881, in Miles, Van Buren, Iowa and died in October 7,1936.
    I would appreciate if any known relatives are still alive so I may contact.

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