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History of Adair County, Iowa, and its people vol 2 title page

Biography of Amos C. Worthington

Amos C. Worthington, a successful farmer in Eureka Township, was born in Pennsylvania on November 4, 1864. After his family moved to Iowa, he gained his education in the local public schools and worked as a farmhand until he could afford to purchase his own land. Although he experienced setbacks, including the loss of his property in 1896, he persevered and eventually became the owner of 240 acres in Eureka Township. Amos married Delpha Jordan, and they had four children together. He is an active member of the United Brethren church and supports the Democratic Party. Amos’ hard work and determination have led him to become one of the prosperous farmers in his county.

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History of Adair County, Iowa, and its people vol 2 title page

Biography of Alvin Rivenburgh

Alvin Rivenburgh, a prominent figure in the development of Adair County, was born in New York in 1853. After his family relocated to Illinois and later to Iowa, Alvin received a good education and worked on his father’s farm. He later became a teacher and ventured into the grocery business before serving as an electrician and engineer for over nineteen years. Alvin was known for his inventions, including patented articles such as an extension electrolier and an electrical switchboard. He was actively involved in installing the first telephone lines in Greenfield and served the community in various capacities. Alvin’s dedication to his work and contributions to the community earned him respect and friendship from his fellow citizens.

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History of Adair County, Iowa, and its people vol 2 title page

Biography of Alfred H. Schroder

Alfred H. Schroder, a native of Germany, is a successful real estate businessman in Fontanelle. After living in Fontanelle since 1911, he transitioned from the automobile business to real estate and has established a strong client base through numerous important realty transactions. Growing up on a farm, he later cultivated rented land as a farmer before venturing into his current profession. Mr. Schroder possesses extensive knowledge of the real estate market, enabling him to accurately assess property values and make profitable deals for his clients. Alongside his wife, Lena Queck, he is a dedicated member of the Lutheran church and has raised a family of five children. With his enterprising and progressive approach, Mr. Schroder has achieved significant success in his business endeavors.

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History of Adair County, Iowa, and its people vol 2 title page

Biography of Albert M. Hadley

Albert M. Hadley, a pioneer settler and owner of 160 acres of farmland in Eureka township, has witnessed the transformation of a frontier district into a prosperous agricultural area. Born in Indiana in 1854, he began farming in Iowa after reaching the age of twenty. In 1875, he settled in Adair county, rented land, and eventually purchased his present property. Hadley has made significant improvements on his land, raising thoroughbred shorthorn cattle and Poland China hogs. As the oldest resident of the township, he has played an active role in local politics, serving as a justice of the peace and

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History of Adair County, Iowa, and its people vol 2 title page

Biography of Albert M. Foster

Albert M. Foster, a progressive young agriculturist, owns and operates a valuable farm in Adair county. Born in Iowa in 1879, he grew up in Adair county after his parents moved there in 1883. Albert received his education from local schools and worked alongside his father in farming. Following his father’s passing, Albert purchased the home farm and has since managed it successfully. He is highly regarded in the community for his progressive farming methods. In 1901, he married Grace B. Porter, and they have one surviving child named David. Albert is a loyal Republican and has earned the respect and goodwill of those around him through his dedication and responsible approach to life.

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History of Adair County, Iowa, and its people vol 2 title page

Biography of Adam Burg

Adam Burg, a skilled wagon maker from Jackson township, was highly regarded for his craftsmanship and work ethic. Born in Germany on April 9, 1850, Adam immigrated to La Salle County, Illinois, with his family as an infant. He learned the wagon making trade and became known for his fast and precise work. Adam passed away in 1900, leaving behind a respected legacy in his community. In 1876, he married Louisa Bloom, who immigrated to Adair County, Iowa, at the age of 18. Following Adam’s death, Louisa purchased 200 acres of land in Jackson township and managed her affairs with competence. They had eleven children, and Louisa remains devoted to her Roman Catholic faith.

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History of Adair County, Iowa, and its people vol 2 title page

Biography of Anton Lambi

Anton Lambi, a German immigrant, is a successful farmer who owns a 280-acre farm in Jackson township. His parents, Philip and Christina Lambi, brought the family to America in 1863, settling in Bureau county, Illinois. Anton remained with his parents until the age of twenty-four, after which he rented land and farmed for five years. In 1879, he purchased his current farm and made several improvements, including buildings and a grove. Anton engaged in general farming and stock-raising, achieving financial stability. He married Clara Schreiver in 1876, and after her passing in 1879, he married Katherine Burg in 1881. Anton and Katherine had eight children together. He was involved in local politics and held positions such as road supervisor and school director. Both Anton and Katherine were active members of the Roman Catholic Church. Despite starting with limited means, they worked diligently and earned the respect and admiration of those around them.

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History of Adair County, Iowa, and its people vol 2 title page

Biography of A. D. Weaver

A.D. Weaver, a prominent agriculturist in Adair County, has resided there for forty-five years, dedicated to farming. Born in Washington, Pennsylvania, on March 17, 1860, he was the son of Sebastian and Lavina Weaver. Sebastian, originally from Germany, settled in Pennsylvania before moving to Adair County in 1870. A.D. Weaver grew up on the family farm and eventually purchased it, expanding the property to 240 acres. With a focus on grain production and livestock, he has built a successful farming operation. He married Clara Barnett in 1884, and they had ten children. A.D. Weaver is a dedicated Democrat, serving as a school director, while his wife is an active member of the Methodist Episcopal church.

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History of Guthrie and Adair Counties, Iowa title page

Biography of John H. Bauer of Jackson, Iowa

John H. Bauer, the other member of the firm of Bahlman & Bauer, is a native of Bavaria, Germany, and was born in 1824. In his native country he was engaged in the swine business. He emigrated to the United States in 1848, settling in Joliet, Illinois, where he worked on a farm till 1850, then going to Bureau county, in the same state, where he bought a farm, which he afterwards sold, and bought one in Lee county containing three hundred and sixty acres. He sold that also, and then came to Adair county, Summerset township, and bought six

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History of Adair County, Iowa, and its people vol 2 title page

Biography of J. F. Baudler of Fontanelle, Iowa

J. F. Baudler is president of the First National Bank of Fontanelle and in business cirlces occupies a most enviable position. He is honored and respected by all, not alone by reason of the success he has achieved but also owing to the straightforward business policy that he has ever followed. Moreover, his record proves that success is not a matter of genius or of luck, as held by some, but is rather the outcome of clear judgment, experience and enterprise. Mr. Baudler is a native of Saxe-Coburg, Germany, where his birth occurred July 6, 1855. His parents were Ernest

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Adair County Iowa Death Records Page 1

Iowa State Death Record Indexes, 1917-1939

The State Historical Society of Iowa is in the process of making more of these records available online. Currently they have placed online death records for 87 counties with various dates for all of them which fall between 1917 and 1939.

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