Montgomery County

1919 Atlas of Montgomery County, Iowa title page

1919 Atlas of Montgomery County, Iowa

The 1919 Atlas of Montgomery County, Iowa provides maps of each township in Montgomery along with landowners written on the map, and a farmers’ directory for that town. These atlases are a popular tool for finding the exact location of land ownership for families which no longer remain on the same land. They can also tell you the years in which the farmer lived in the county. Abbreviations Sec. = Sectionac. = acreswf. = wifeCh. = children(   ) = years in countyO. = ownerR. = renter Digital Book

Adair County Iowa Death Records Page 1

Iowa State Death Record Indexes, 1917-1939

The State Historical Society of Iowa is in the process of making more of these records available online. Currently they have placed online death records for 87 counties with various dates for all of them which fall between 1917 and 1939.

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