Registrants for Emigration, Copenhagen Police Register

Registrants for Emigration, Copenhagen Police Register

The list below contains those Danes and Swedes who registered with the Copenhagen Police to emigrate from Denmark. The date given is the day the person registered, not necessary the date the emigrant left Denmark. This is not a complete list of all Danes and Swedes who came to Sac Co., but it does contain emigrants who left Denmark between 1882 and 1908 and who gave a Sac Co. destination when they registered.

Adamsen, Hans Adam19farm laborerDollfjaelde, MariboMar. 9, 1886Wall Lake
Anderson, Tildur11childSwedenFeb. 24, 1887Odebolt
Andersson, Lars25farmerSwedenApr. 12, 1888Odebolt
Andersson, Nils27farmerSwedenFeb. 24, 1887Odebolt
Andersson, Simon22farmerSwedenMar. 16, 1887 Wall Lake
Bjornback, Karl Alf Viktor24 machinist Arhus, ArhusApr. 11, 1907Lake View C. F. Tietgen
Brodersson, Johannes21farmerSweden Mar. 16, 1887Odebolt
Christensen, Hans Peter18laborerKartofte, MariboMar. 9, 1886Wall Lake
Christiansen, Marius24 dairymanMalt, Ringkjobing (born Brorup)Apr. 4, 1892Early
Danielson, Otto22farmerSwedenMar. 16, 1887Wall Lake
Davidson, Nils27farmer SwedenMay 10, 1882Odebolt
Draeger, Andreas Henrik20laborerCopenhagen June 27, 1899SchallerHekla
Ekstrand, Hjalmar28farmerSwedenAug. 29, 1889 Odebolt
Eliasson, August 19laborerSwedenAug. 4, 1886Odebolt
Eliasson, Edlin11childSwedenAug. 4, 1886Odebolt
Eliasson, Johanna21spinster SwedenAug. 4, 1886Odebolt
Eliasson, Nils30laborerSwedenAug. 4, 1886Odebolt
Eliasson, Tilla28spinsterSwedenAug. 4, 1886Odebolt
Fredericksen, Peter28farmerAmericaMar. 9, 1886Wall Lake
Fredericksen, Rasmus20farmerDollfjaelde, MariboMar. 9, 1886Wall Lake
Frederiksen, Fr. S. C.26printerNibe, AalborgApr. 18, 1882Wall Lake
Gustafsson, Mogens23laborerSwedenMar. 21, 1889 Odebolt
Hansen, Chr. Fred.26farm laborerAastrup, DanskerMay. 3, 1905Wall Lake
Hansen, Hans Fred.18laborerSchleswig June 4, 1885Wall Lake
Hansen, Hans P.23laborerNorre Snede, AarhusMar. 18, 1892Sac City
Hansen, Niels Martin25fishermanLonstrup, Hjorring July 19, 1888Sac City
Hansen, Olivia17farmer's daughterKappel, MariboJune 14, 1893Early
Hansen, Rasmus47land ownerHyllerslev, RibeFeb. 28, 1889Wall Lake
Hansen, Terkel15laborerSchleswigJune 4, 1885Wall Lake
Haugaard, Sophie18laborerKolding, VejleOct. 24, 1884Odebolt
Holmgren, Theckla21spinsterCopenhagen June 12, 1893 Odebolt
Jensen, August17laborer GermanyMay 15, 1887 Odebolt
Jensen, Chr. Ulrich24smithAastrup, Dansker (born Svanninge)May. 2, 1905Wall LakeUnited States
Jensen, Ester10childKolding, Vejle (born Odis)May. 28, 1900 Lake View
Jensen, Jens13 childKolding, Vejle (born Odis)May. 28, 1900 Lake View
Jensen, Marie23laborerNorre Snede , AarhusMar. 18, 1892 Sac City
Jensen, Peter18 laborerGermanyMay 18, 1887 Odebolt
Johansson, August30farmerSwedenMar. 24, 1887Odebolt
Johansson, Caroline26laborerSwedenMar. 24, 1887 Odebolt
Johansson, Gustaf27 farmerSwedenOct. 5, 1888Odebolt
Jonsson, Carl21farmerSwedenApr. 2, 1890 Odebolt
Jonsson, Moren20unmarried SwedenFeb. 16, 1887Odebolt
Jonsson, Nils22laborer SwedenFeb. 16, 1887Odebolt
Jorgensen, Jorgen Hannerup Karl22farm laborerVrads, Arhus (born Ejstrup)Apr. 1, 1905Schaller
Jorgensen, Rasmus Marguord18farm laborer Astrup, DanskerMay. 3, 1905Wall Lake
Larsen, Bror Frithiof26builderAmericaMar. 24, 1902Sac City
Larsen, Jorgen20 carpenterGorlev, Holbaek Jul. 6, 1904Lake View Island
Larsson, Carl Osian28farm laborerSwedenMar. 24, 1902Sac City
Larsson, Olga20spinsterSwedenMar. 24, 1902 Sac City
Lindan, Nils22laborerSwedenApr. 12, 1888Odebolt
Lindow, August21laborer SwedenMay 19, 1881Odebolt
Ljunggren, Alfred22farmerSwedenFeb. 16, 1887 Odebolt
Lofgren, Emma18spinsterSweden July 23, 1890Odebolt
Lonjmann, Lars T.25 farmerSweden June 26, 1890Odebolt
Lynby, Soren30smithAmericaFeb. 7, 1890Wall Lake
Lynby, Soren23 smithNibe, AalborgJul. 6, 1882Wall Lake
Markussen, Chr. Peter19laborerOksendrup, Svendborg (born Ellinge)Oct. 18, 1906Lake ViewHellig Olav
Markussen, Rasmus Carl18laborerEllinge, Svendborg (born Oksendrup)Sep. 10, 1908 Lake View
Meleen, Christin3childSwedenSep. 24, 1891Odebolt
Meleen, Elna37 laborerSwedenApr. 16, 1887Odebolt
Meleen, Sidne6childSwedenSep. 24, 1891Odebolt
Nethen, Hans28butcherGermanyFeb. 20, 1884Wall Lake
Nielsen, Jens Chr.19 farm laborerVejleNov. 10, 1883Wall LakeThingvalla
Nilson, Axel30laborerAmericaMar. 9, 1892 Odebolt
Nilsson, Anton Edvin15 laborer SwedenOct. 15, 1896Odebolt
Nilsson, Joh.24farmerSwedenFeb. 26, 1890 Odebolt
Nilsson, Johan24farmer SwedenSep. 1, 1887Odebolt
Nilsson, Johan Alfr.22farmerSwedenMar. 21, 1887Odebolt
Nilsson, Olander23farmerSwedenFeb. 24, 1887 Odebolt
Norderberg, Carl M.22farmerSwedenMar. 16, 1887Wall Lake
Nordstrom, Nils Aug.25farmer SwedenNov. 20, 1887Odebolt
Olsen, Inger S.20laborerEgesborg, PraestoSep. 3, 1885Wall Lake
Olsson, Anders23laborerSwedenFeb. 16, 1887Odebolt
Olsson, Johan24farmerAmericaAug. 8, 1886Odebolt
Pedersen, Christen37sailorLonstrup, HjorringApr. 2, 1889Sac City
Pedersen, Frits10childLonstrup, HjorringApr. 2, 1889 Sac City
Pedersen, Jenny8mochild Lonstrup, HjorringApr. 2, 1889 Sac City
Pedersen, Maren35wifeLonstrup, HjorringApr. 2, 1889Sac City
Pedersen, Peder19laborerSvenstrup, Dansker Feb. 7, 1905Lake View
Pedersen, Petrine4child Lonstrup, HjorringApr. 2, 1889Sac City
Persson, Martin18 farmerSwedenMay 7, 1890Sac City
Persson, Sven20sailorSweden Jun. 22, 1887Odebolt
Peterson, Frans22 laborerSwedenApr. 24, 1895Odebolt
Petersson, Otto V.19 laborerSwedenMar. 9, 1887Odebolt
Plats, Ola Sonesson26laborerSwedenFeb. 22, 1898OdeboltNorge
Poine, Cathrine8childAmerica (born Schleswig)Sep. 29, 1899Lake View
Poine, Anny9childAmerica (born Schleswig)Sep. 29, 1899Lake View
Poine, Sophie33housewifeAmerica (born Schleswig) Sep. 29, 1899Lake View
Poulsson, Carl23 farmer SwedenFeb. 16, 1888Odebolt
Rasmussen, Hans Jacob19laborerTerslev, SoroApr. 26, 1892Wall Lake
Rasmussen, Jens17farm laborerAarslev, SvendborgMay 4, 1882Wall Lake
Rasmussen, Kirstine 40wifeAmerica (born Ure, Vejle)Jan. 22, 1900Schaller
Rasmussen, Peder17sonAmerica Jan. 22, 1900Schaller
Rasmussen, Soren40farmerAmerica (born Bogballe, Vejle)Jan. 22, 1900 Schaller
Samuelson, Anders Joh.24laborerSwedenJuly 29, 1891Odebolt
Samuelsson, Amanda20laborer SwedenMar. 24, 1887Odebolt
Sandberg, Niels Thorkil19miller Nibe, AalborgJul. 6, 1904Wall Lake
Sjoberg, Carl25laborerSwedenNov. 9, 1897OdeboltHekla
Strobaek, Emil17farmerSwedenFeb. 24, 1887Odebolt
Strobaek, Hilda11childSwedenFeb. 24, 1887Odebolt
Strobaek, Oscar21farmerSwedenFeb. 24, 1887Odebolt
Strobeck, Cecilia22laborerSwedenAug. 1, 1886Odebolt
Svansson, Anna15maidenSwedenApr. 24, 1895Odebolt
Svansson, Sven43farmerAmericaApr. 24, 1895 Odebolt
Svenson, Emanuel24 farmerSweden Sep. 1, 1887Odebolt
Svensson, August22farmerSwedenMay 10, 1882Odebolt
Svensson, Augusta24spinsterSweden July 20, 1893 Sac City
Svensson, Eline34 sisterSwedenMay 10, 1882Odebolt
Svensson, Niels Johan24 farmerSwedenJul. 20, 1887Odebolt
Svensson, Per24farmerSwedenApr. 2, 1890Odebolt
Svensson, Severina27sister Sweden May 10, 1882Odebolt
Thomsen, Christian22laborerDons, Veile Jun. 19, 1886 Odebolt
Thomsen, Peder19smithNibe, AalborgFeb. 7, 1890 Wall Lake
Toft, Helen Fr. Granau42wifeOdense, OdenseMay. 2, 1907Lake ViewHellig Olav
Tufvesson, Elof19laborer SwedenApr. 14, 1896Odebolt
Urskov, Jens22laborerNorre Snede, AarhusMar. 18, 1892Sac City
Wagner, Anna M.24 wifeRibe, RibeMay 25, 1883Odebolt
Wagner, Christian6mochildRibe, RibeMay 25, 1883 OdeboltThingvalla
Wagner, Jens C.3childRibe, RibeMay 25, 1883OdeboltThingvalla
Wagner, Marie C.2childRibe, RibeMay 25, 1883Odebolt
Wagner, Nis P.28land ownerRibe, RibeMay 25, 1883OdeboltThingvalla
Westerberg, Waste.22 farmerSweden July 20, 1893Sac City
Widenham, Bolette20wifeKunpby, Maribo Jan. 3, 1894Early
Widenham, Henrik24laborerKunpby, MariboJan. 3, 1894Early
Williams, Bertil22wifeAmericaAug. 5, 1886Odebolt
Williams, Charles26carpenterAmericaAug. 5, 1886Odebolt
Williams, Edvin2childAmericaAug. 5, 1886Odebolt
Williams, John E.25laborerAmericaAug. 5, 1886Odebolt
Williams, Nellie6mochildAmericaAug. 5, 1886Odebolt
Wulff, Anine Nielsen Jacobsen32wifeArhus, ArhusOct. 31, 1907Lake ViewUnited States
Wulff, Kaj Otto Wilhelm8childArhus, ArhusOct. 31, 1907Lake ViewUnited States

Many thanks to Sheryl McClure for providing this information.

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  1. I’ve been trying to find the date and burial place for an ancestor who died about 1889. Her name was Emilia Amanda Anderson and she was 16 years old at death. Her parents were Carl Mangus and Anna Louisa Anderson. They lived in Odebolt approximately 4 years.

    I’d be happy for any suggestions for where to look.

    Thank you, Brenda

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