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Harrison County Iowa Probate Records 1853-1987

The following records can be found within the database Iowa, Wills and Probate Records, 1758-1997. As of June 2017, most of them are not searchable, but are able to be browsed. Over the coming months, we will be transcribing the indices for these probates here, so that you can find the information more easier.

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Modale Centennial Book

Information contained on these Web Pages came from the Modale Centennial Book. I have tried to provide as much information as space will allow. People looking for ancestors in Harrison County will be able to obtain a little information on life in an earlier time. Missouri Dale becomes Modale In 1870, Benjamin Martin platted a village site at this point and named it Martinsville. In March 1874, Alonzo Beebe platted land adjoining this plat and named it for the post office he had secured for ten years. Its name came through an accident, which turned out right in the...

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Mondamin High School Alumni 1897-1961

Pictures for most of the graduating classes of Mondamin High School can be found in the Mondamin Public Library.   Graduating classes from 1897 to 1961 are included here.  In 1962 due to reorganization the Mondamin, Modale, Pisgah and Little Sioux schools became West Harrison Community School District.  Some of the female names have their married name.  Use the find feature of your browser to search this page. Class of 1897 Evelyn Adams-Faylor Mary Barett-Smith Lizzie Brawley-Hyde Myrtle Stamper-Earlywine Maude Weldon-Spurlin Class of 1899 Feren Green Ethel Noyes-Garrison Class of 1902 Lottie Burcham-Goodman Lillian McKean-Jensen Helen Morrow-Toben Class of 1903 Mable Mickey-Watts Joseph Morrow Teresa Morrow-Finley Inez Noyes-Vipond Carrie smith-Johnson Lela Stines-Vandecar Bertha Sullivan-Muscleman Class of 1905 Lee Lewis Rex McFarlane Bertha Arbaugh-Watts Class of 1906 Blanche Gunsolly-Shearer Frances Lewis-Clure Effie Phillips-Morrow Jesse Phillips Elma Pitts-Paulson Esta Stuart Class of 1910 P. Joseph Morrow Alfreda Johnson-Neil Vearl Haynie-Waltz Flossie Phillips-Way Rosella Smith-Moore Carroll Stuart Gladys Ruffcorn-Gunsolly Jesse Wills Mayme Wilson-Thomas Class of 1912 Ransom McKean Nellie Noyes-Miller Cecile Spooner-McDonald Anna Springer Carroll Stuart Class of 1913 Lottie Gilmore-Durell Raymond Gilmore Howard McKean Hazel Miller-Erixon Harvey Watts Class of 1914 Frances Behm-Stoltz Jay Blair Vena Crabb-Boxmeyer Anna cooper-Blair Philip Silsby Hazel Wallace-Donn Class of 1915 Ruby Cooper-Robinson Naomi Iden Burl Spooner Glen Weldon Class of 1916 Emma Behm-Boone David Gamet Gerald Gunsolley Helen Linn-Jolliffe Mildred McClannahan-Gatrost Iver Remington Class of 1917...

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Mondamin Early Residents

Joseph Krumel native of Bohemia, arrived in Mondamin in 1868.  The day after his arrival he went to work cutting logs.  Other men were cutting posts and making holes in logs, fastening them together with mulberry limbs.  these were made into rafts which were about 25 feet wide and 80 feet long.  These were sent to Florence, Nebraska to a sawmill.  Mr. Krumel later married Henry McNealey’s widow. Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Morrow from Ireland migrated first to Canada and came by covered wagon to Harrison county in 1856. Mr. Morrow was so impressed with the surrounding territory that he decided to locate on this spot.  He paid $1.25 an acre for the land, drained it and prospered in his farming.  His first cabin was 16 x 24 feet.  Later he built what is believed to be the first frame house between council Bluffs and Sioux City.  This house was used as an overnight stopover for the stagecoach which made daily trips between Council Bluffs and Sioux City.  Mr. and Mrs. Morrow raised a family of eleven children, some of whose descendants are still living in the community.  The Patrick Morrow farm   has remained in the Morrow name for 112 years. The Maule family originated in Scotland.  Donald Maule eventually came to Raglan Township in Harrison County, where he claimed a quarter section of land and erected a hew-log...

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Mondamin Historical Photo Album

I am very grateful to Larry Stevens for many of the photo’s used on this page.  He also provided me with photo’s used in the “Gee Family History”.   If you have photo’s you would like to contribute to this page or any page on the Harrison County Web Site. First School at Mondamin School has been restored as a house by Larry Stevens Looking East in Mondamin Iowa About 1910 Maple Stree, Mondamin Iowa Elevator and Depot, Mondamin, Iowa Looking West, Mondamin, Iowa Looking East, Mondamin, Iowa Looking Northeast from North Elevator About 1906, Mondamin, Iowa Looking south from...

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Mondamin Iowa

On the west line of Harrison County and the second township from the north line, is Morgan Township, in which is situated the town of Mondamin. Morgan township was organized in 1867, and derived its name from Morgan County, Ohio, from which Capt. John Noyes, one of the earlier settlers in Harrison County came. When Mondamin was first laid out as a town site, Main street ran north and south parallel to the east side of the railroad. Across the tracks on the West side were large wood lots where the railroad company kept ties and fuel for the...

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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

Thanks for stopping by!! We are Judy Wallis White and Dennis Partridge and we will be your host for American History and Genealogy Project for Harrison County. We hope your enjoy your visit and will come back often!! If you have questions or suggestions, please drop us a note. Harrison County Iowa Probate Records 1853-1987 Harrison County The following records can be found within the database Iowa, Wills and Probate Records, 1758-1997. As of June 2017, most of them are not searchable, but are able to be browsed. Over the coming months, we will be transcribing the indices for these...

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Mondamin Civil War Veterans

Barnes Post 103 Grand Army of the Republic was organized in Mondamin October 24, 1882 by seventeen charter members. The first officers were: C. H. Burrows, Commander; T. J. Powell, S.V.; W. B. Keith, J. V.; E. J. Hagerman, Surgeon; John H. Noyes, Q.M.; S. J. Linn, O.D.; and R. Morgriedge, O. G. The following names were given as members in the 1891 Harrison County History Book W. B. Keith, First Sgt., Company B, 35 Indiana Inf. L. H. Noyes, Pvt., Company A, 129th Ohio Inf. S. J. Linn, Sgt., Company F, 13 Penn. Cavalry Terrence McCabe, Pvt., Co. B, 3rd Wisconsin Inf. J. D. Stowell, Pvt., Co B, 18th Ohio Inf. Walter Morrell, Drummer, Co I, 1st Wisconsin Inf. Jennings Morrow, Pvt. Co. C, 148 Ohio Inf. J. S. Oviatt, Pvt. Co. F, 6th Ohio Cavalry W. Garrison, Pvt. Co. H, 21st Wisconsin Inf. Thomas McFarlane, Pvt., Co A, 2nd Wisconsin Inf. J. O. Johnson, Pvt. Co I 4th Iowa Inf. M. H. P. Kidder, Pvt., Co. E, 69th N.Y. Inf. Bartlett Johnson, Pvt., Co G, 53rd Ohio Inf. Thomas Earlywine, Corp., Co. G, 8th Kansas Inf. Ross Thompson, Pvt., Co. H, 10 Indian Cavalry J. W. Beaman, Pvt. Co. E, 21st Indiana Inf. William Noyes, Pvt. Co. C, 97th Ohio Inf. E. C. Beaman, Pvt., Co E, 21st Indiana Inf. J. J. C. Weldon, Corp., Co. C,...

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Sioux City Iowa Citizens Association

During the autumn of 1872, the first Citizens’ Association, for the general advancement of the business and manufacturing interests of the city was formed. The first meeting for the formation of this association was held November 21st, 1872, at the courtroom, which was at that time in the Hubbard block, on Fourth Street. It was called by the Mayor, G.W. Kingsworth, Hon. A.W. Hubbard introduced the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted: “Resolved, That this meeting is in favor of organizing an association, the object of which shall be to induce manufactures to come to this place.” A provisional board was appointed; also committees to draft a constitution, by-laws, and for procuring members. December 9th the committee reported a constitution, which was adopted; and that they had secured 221 names for membership. The name this association adopted was “The Sioux City Chamber of Commerce.” January 13th, 1873, the following officers were elected for the year: President, J.C. Flint, First Vice-President, A.W. Hubbard, Second Vice-President, S.T. Davis; Directors, J.H. Swan, M.C. Bogue, J.J. Saville, L.C. Sanborn, C.E. Hedges, A. Groninger, J.P. Dennis, E.W. Skinner, A.R. Wright, H.L. Warner. Board of Arbitration, J.C.C. Hoskins, W.L. Joy, L. Wynn, J.E. Booge, L. McCarty; Secretary, F.C. Thompson. Treasurer, J.M. Pinckney. During the year the organization secured the location of Joseph Trudell’s wagon shop; entertained the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce on its visit...

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Sioux City Iowa Merchants Exchange

In October, 1877, the merchants of Sioux City met and formed the Merchants Exchange, and the following officers were elected for the year: President, J.M. Bacon; Vice President, L.C. Sanborn; Secretary, E.H. Bucknam; Treasurer, A.C. Davies; Directors, H.L. Warner, H.A. Jandt, E.W. Rice, F.L. Goewey. During the year, the subject of cheap ferriage to Covington, the adjusting of railroad freights and the commercial interests of Sioux City in general, had the attention of the Exchange with marked success. They raised by voluntary subscriptions $1,929.60 during the year, and paid to secure cheap ferriage, $1,500. In October, 1878, the following officers were elected for the year: President, J.M. Bacon; Vice President, E.C. Tompkins; Secretary, E. W. Bucknam; Directors, H.L. Warner, H.A. Handt, M.W. Murphy, S. Schulein, F.L. Goewey. In October, 1879, the following officers were elected: President, H.A. Jandt; Vice President, M.W. Murphy, Secretary, E.G. Burkam, Jr., Treasurer, A.C. Davis; Directors, J.M. Bacon, William Tackaberry, F.L. Goewey, W.H. Livingston, G.H. Howell. During the year, the Exchange, in addition to other important work, raised quite a boom for the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad towards the purchase of depot grounds. The officers elected October, 1879, held over until July, 1881, when the exchange was reorganized, the name changed to the Sioux City Board of Trade, its scope extended so as to include as eligible to membership all citizens of Sioux...

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