1914 Sac County Business Interests

Auburn | Carnavon | Early |Lake View | Nemaha | Odebolt | Schaller | Wall Lake

Sac City was not included in this listing.


Agricultural Implements – E. Reardon.
Banking – Farmers and Merchants.
Barber Shops – C. F. Brower.
Brick and Drain Tile Works – The Straight family.
Blacksmith Shop – William Rettig.
Dray Line – E. Basto.
Drugs – J. Kessler, C. C. Basler.
Elevator – Howard & Barry.
Furniture – T. J. Barry.
Garage – Grey & Dahlquist.
General Dealers – E. R. Brennan, Lee Jones.
Grocery – S. Mott.
Hotel – The Auburn House, G. H. Bruning.
Jeweler – S. MIott.
Lumber – W. T. Joyce Co.
Livery – M. G. Golden.
Millinery – Miss Minnie Basler.
Meats – L. A. Sherman, J. A. Green.
Newspaper – The Record, by E. H. Merrell.
Public Hall – Over Bank block.
Physicians – Drs. H. L. Fobes and P. J. Barry.
Pool Hall – L. Reinhart.
Restaurants – Amos Rettig.
Stock Dealers – W. H. Lesle.
Veterinary Surgeon – A. Beck.
Variety Store – E. H. Merrell.
Wagon Repairs – William Rettig.


General Dealers – Benson & Company.
Hardware and Lumber – Farmers’ Lumber Company, of Fort Dodge.
Elevator and Live Stock – A. J. Graham.
Garage – The Parson Auto Company.
Hotel – G. M. Seaman.
Blacksmithing – Joseph Reutter.
Cream Station – W. A. Seaman.
Veterinary Surgeon – Doctor Walrod.
Barber – A. E. Mason.
Pool Hall – A. E. Mason.


Auctioneer – F. J. Green.
Agricultural Implements – George W. Wadsley, G. G. Perrott.
Banks – State Bank of Early and the Citizens State Bank.
Barber Shops – George W. Hamm, Blaine Crouch.
Blacksmith Shops – Harry Sampers, G. M. Dunham.
Clothing – Foote & Company.
Cement Blocks – Early Construction and Stone Company and workers in cement, Guy Hair.
Creameries – The Farmer’s Co-operative Company.
Dray Lines – Burt Van Vleet, George Bedell.
Drugs – W. P. Hirons.
Dentist- R. D. Kendall, D. D. S.
Elevators – Farmer’s Co-operative Company and two line elevators, including the Trans-Mississippi.
Furniture (coupled with Hardware) – J. F. DeGarmo, Hiron & Kirkpatrick.
Grocers – Holdridge Brothers, C. D. Hay and C. Sonneborn.
Garages – Early Auto Company and G. G. Perrott.
Hardwares – Same as furniture dealers.
Harness Shops – W. H. Terrill.
Hotel – “Early House,” R. J. Beadle, proprietor.
Jeweler – Ed Welling.
Lumber – Green Bay Lumber Company, A. S. Evans, who also carries builders’ hardware.
Livery – William Weaver,
Millinery – Lashier & Co.
Meat Market – Jackson Brothers.
Newspaper – The News. J. C. Blair, proprietor.
Northwestern Depot Agent – J. L. Dick.
Opera House – Early Opera House (new) and Struchen & Rowe, the old hall.
Produce – J. L. Dunham.
Pool Hall – George Fouchs.
Restaurants – L. M. Engler, C. M. Anthony.
Real Estate Dealers – Lashier & McQuick.
Physicians – Drs. J. W Graham, J. C. Iwersen.
Stock Dealers- W. Watts, B. F. Evans.
Shoe Dealer – Joseph Dick.
Veterinary Surgeons – R. L. McNalley.
Wagon Repairs – Harry Sampers.
Five, Ten and Twenty-five Cent Store – William Sampson.


General Stores – J. P. Wells. People’s Store and the Miesel store.
Lumber – Lake View Lumber Company.
Blacksmithing – Hans Olson.
Barbers – Ellis Bros, and E. Mason.
Drugs – Mr. Duerr.
Photographer – E. L. Maxwell.
Newspaper – The Resort, by Edwin McSheehy.
Dray Line – F. N. Dunham.
Livery – Charles Mohn.
Grain and Seeds – Updike Grain Company.
Dentist – Molsberry Bros.
Physicians and Surgeons – Dr. E. E. Speaker.
Painter – Milton Olson.
Lake View Creamery.
Tailor and Cleaner – J. B. Lohr.
Automobile garages – Armstrong & Dean, Spencer & Son, and the Lake View Auto Company.


Banks – The Nemaha State Bank.
Barbers – Harvey Ferguson.
Blacksmiths – J. E. Van Vleet.
Drugs – A. B. Patterson.
General Stores – C. C. Keeney, Fred Mack, Nemaha Co-operative Company.
Grain Dealers – Farmers’ Elevator Company and a “line” grain company.
Lumber Dealers – A “line” company.
Physicians – Dr. Boherns.
Veterinary – Dr. Ed. Hann, V. S.
Lodges – Yoeman and Woodmen.
Furniture – The Nemaha Co-operative Company.
Feed Store – F. J. Mabie.
Cream Stations – Two in number.
Livery and Auto Companies – Mr. Bell, Clyde McDermaid and M. Abernathy.
Meat Market – Fred Mack.
Hotel- The “Lidsey.”
Restaurant – Mrs. Wilcox.
Hardware and Farm Implements – Harter, Wilson, Brownell & Company.
Postmaster – Fred Mack.
Depot Agent – G. S. Ferguson, for past fifteen years.
Stock Dealer – Ed. Burner.
Insurance – The Farmers Mutual Hail Storm Company


Attorneys – W. A. Helsell.
Banks – First National, German Savings Bank, Farmers Savings Bank.
Barber shops – Martin Lanth, Charles Kellogg, G. J. Freese.
Bakery – G. B. Dolan.
Blacksmith shops – Kistler & Skeppstedt, Carlson & Varner.
Clothing – Brynteson & Reynolds, F. H. Meyer.
Drug stores – Engstrom & Huglin, Selby, Potteriger Drug and Jewelry Company.
Dentists – W. N. Ousler, E. L. White.
Dray lines – James Ellinger, Roy Purdy, Fred Haustetter, F. W. Libby.
Elevators – Reuber & Bruce, A. C. Petersmeyer, Dickinson Grain Company.
Furniture – C. J. Kircher.
Feed store – M. W. Smith.
Garages – Odebolt Auto and Supply Co., G. H. Frey and Ecinspaher Auto Company.
General Dealers – William Sampson, Kalin & Gilinsky, Co-operative Co., W. J. Ahlberg & Company.
Harness dealers – Odebolt Harness Company, Thomas McKeever.
Hardwares – Joseph Mattes, Koehler & Hanson.
Hotel – The New Bell, bv Mrs. Julia McMartin.
Hospital – The Odebolt.
Jeweler – H. R. Stanzel.
Livery – Horan Brothers, Benjamin McMartin.
Lumber Dealers – Green Bay Lumber Company, Bowman & Co.
Meats – M. H. Paul, P. L. Hedberg.
Millinery – O’Daniel Sisters, Horan & O’Meara.
Newspapers – The Chronicle and the News.
Opera Hall – “The Odebolt,” C. J. Kircher, proprietor.
Photographs – A. W. Dahestrom.
Picture Shows – The “Cozy” and the “Princess.”
Physicians – Drs. A. Groman, R. C. Sebern, R. C. Shaffer, E. H. Crane.
Pool Hall – J. A. Lampe.
Restaurants – Smith Brothers, Charles Larson, A. H. Shade, J. L. Jones, M. L. Briggs & Son.
Real Estate – Mattes & Selby.
Racket Store – William Sampson.
Stock dealers – Krusenstjerna & Paul.
Shoe repairs – Andrew Brynteson.
Tailors – Richard Horneisel.
Veterinary surgeons – Dr. F. E. Williams, Dr. L. J. Stratton.
Wagon repairs – J. E. Einspahr.


Agricultural Implements – W. J. Howard & Son.
Banks – The State Bank of Schaller; The Schaller Savings Bank.
Blacksmith Shops – J. F. Ady. Andrew Anderson.
Barber Shop – Fred L. Gilbert.
Clothing – J. P. Ranch, G. W. Murray & Son.
Cement Block, etc. – Aden Merkly.
Drugs – Smith Brothers, C. C. Cowser.
Dentist- J. E. O’Grady, D. D. S.
Dray Lines – Rose Brothers, A. Potter.
Elevators – Schaller Produce Company, J. B. Adams, Kuntz Elevator Company.
Furniture – W. F. McLaughlin.
Feed Store and Poultry – Rose & Potter.
The “Fair Store” – John Gentry.
General Stores – J. B. Dakin, J. A. Murray & Son, Lemke & Lemke.
Garages – C. H. Reuber, G. B. Gould, A. D. & E A. Woodke.
Hardware – R. A. Skinner, James G. Fiar.
Harness – E. R. Forney, August Christensen.
Hotel – “Palace,” by L. A. Seiling.
Jewelry – John Hicks.
Livery – Challman Brothers.
Lumber – Gray & Crowley, Schaller Lumber Company (incorporated), by William J. A. Cizek and Henry Gloe.
Millinery – Mrs. Ellen Broderick, Mrs. W. H. McKinney.
Plumbers – George A. Higgins.
Physicians – Drs. T. J. Andre, F. H. McCrev.
Restaurants – R. H. Benson.
Real Estate Dealers – H. I. Strahn, A. B. Challman.
Stock Dealers – Fred Sewald.
Meat Market- H. O. O’Daniels & Son.
Newspaper – The Herald , by W. K. Whiteside.
Opera House – “The Schaller,” by J. I. Murray.
Veterinary Surgeon – E. G. Martin.
Wagon Repair – H. Swanson & Son.


Attorney – J. S. Whitney.
Agricultural Implements – Victor Staab.
Blacksmith Shops – F. E. Johnston, Hinds & Wright.
Barber Shops – William Morrison, R. Lancaster.
Banks – German State and Wall Lake Savings Bank.
Creamery – C. W. Davis.
Clothing Store – J. O. Benson.
Cement Works – Frank Becker.
Drugs – Bowman Drug Company, C. C. Epperly.
Dray Line – Ed. Palmer.
Dentist- Roy McCulla, J. L. Morris.
Furniture – W. H. Menold.
Feed Barn – Albert Johnson.
General Merchandise – Okerstroem & Fishback, F. H. Brown. J. H. Sievert.
Grain Dealers – William Claussen.
Garage – Hopkins Auto Company, Wall Lake Auto Company.
Harness Shop – J. H. Davison.
Hardware – Johnson & Swanson, Farmer’s Lumber Company.
Hotel – The Brunton.
Jewelry – H. Limke.
Lumber Yards – Wall Lake Lumber Company, Farmers’ Lumber Company.
Livery – Frank Dean.
Meat Market – D. Schneidecker.
Millinery – Mrs. D. A. Robinson.
Mills (Grist) – J. McGloin.
Newspaper – The Wall Lake Blade, by W. O. Howard.
Opera House – Wall Lake Opera House Company.
Produce Companies – Swift & Company, C. H. Young.
Photo Gallery – Melvin Charles.
Pool Halls – Robert Jolly, W. H. Persons.
Physicians – Drs. A. S. Hayden, L. H. Jones.
Restaurants – Christensen Sisters, Hoff & Son, D. W. Young, and the Depot Lunch Rooms.
Real Estate – McClurg & Brunton.
Stock Buyers – Charles Godenow.
Wagon Repairs – Hinds & Wright.

Auburn | Carnavon | Early |Lake View | Nemaha | Odebolt | Schaller | Wall Lake

SSource: “History of Sac County, Iowa” William S. Hart, 1914

Many thanks to Sheryl McClure for providing this information.

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