Sac County Old Settlers Association

On June 1, 1877, the following list of pioneers was made out by the secretary of the “Old Settlers’ Association”, the same showing the name, date of arrival in Sac county and the age of the person, at the time they signed this register in 1877: William Montgomery, May 15, 1855, aged fifty-seven years. D. Carr Early, May 5. 1836, aged forty-seven years. Mrs. Early, May 5, 1856. Peter Basler, February 1, 1856, sixty- four years. Mrs. Mary Basler, February 1, 1856, sixty-three years. Isabella Miller, September 7, 1854, fifty-seven years. William Cory, September 7, 1854, thirty-six years. Enoch Ross, May 16, 1856, fifty-three years. Mrs. E. Ross, May 16, 1856, fifty-two years. Eugene Criss, July, 1855, fifty-five years. Mrs. Francis Criss, July, 1855. J. G. Austin, September 8, 1854, forty-one years. Asa Platt, October 15, 1858, forty-seven years. Mrs. Asa Platt, October 15, 1858. O. Whitney, August, 1857, forty-six years. Mrs. Whitney, August, 1857, forty-three years. John O. A. Wine, May 20, 1857, forty-nine years. Mrs. Wine, May 20, 1857, fifty-four years. Samuel Quail, July 29, 1856, fifty-six years. W. R. Nevin, spring of 1863, fifty-two years. Mrs. Nevin, spring of 1863, forty-two years. A. Barney, fall of 1865, forty-five years. Mrs. A. Barney, fall of 1865, thirty-seven years. Robert Quail, June. 1856, fifty-four years. Mrs. Robert Quail, June. 1856, fifty-one years. W. B. Trout, May 7, 1867, thirty-three years.

Source Information: History of Sac County, Iowa, William S. Hart, 1914

Many thanks to Sheryl McClure for providing this information.

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