Sac City, Iowa Schools and Churches

Sac City Public Schools

Sac City became an independent school district in April, 1876. The first school house was built in 1855. The present teachers are: D. J. McDaid, Principal; Mrs. G. M. Parker, Miss Lizzie Baxter, Assistants. Present school board: A.D. Peck, President; D.C. Early, E. Criss, Phil. Schaller, W. H. Hobbs, Directors; C. E. Lane, Secretary; R. H. Lamoreux, Treasurer. The first officers were: B. W. Trout, Levi Davis, H. Baxter. The public school building in Sac City is a fine brick edifice, with a stone foundation, built in 1871 at a cost of $14,000. It contains three rooms, the whole upper story being devoted to the high school department, while the Intermediate and primary departments are accommodated on the first floor. The building is well built and handsomely furnished, and is well ventilated, comfortable and more than ordinarily well lighted. The schools are in the best order, well disciplined and progressing most satisfactorily in the various branches of study.

Sac City Churches

The Presbyterian Church Society The Presbyterian Society of Sac City was organized in 1875. The present officers are J. N. Miller, H. M. Conner, Elders; J. T. Bushnell was the first pastor, then came Rev. Baxter. A. S. Foster is the present incumbent. The church has a membership of thirty-three. There is also a Sabbath School with an average attendance of fifty pupils. J. N. Miller is Superintendent. The church has an elegant brick church building, erected in 1875, and dedicated the following year. It is 34×56 feet on the ground and contains about 300 sittings.

Church Society

The M. E. Church of Sac City was the first church building erected in the town. It was built in 1873, and is a frame structure 30×50 feet. The building is located on the corner of Ninth and Main streets, and cost $3,000. The present pastor is Rev. Robert Smylie. The Society has a membership of sixty. There is a Sabbath School in connection, with an average attendance of fifty pupils. A.D. Peck is Superintendent, J. L Comstock Assistant Superintendent, Mrs. C. L. Lane, Treasurer, and Miss Winnie Lane Secretary.

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  1. I’m wondering if the M.E. Church in Sac City has any records from the 1870’s when it was first built. I’m specifically looking for information on parishioners. My 2nd great grandmother lived in Sac City at this time. She died in 1876 at her home in Cedar Township. I’m just looking for *any* piece of her as there are very few records of her. Thanks in advance!

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