Harrison County Iowa Marriage Index 1857-1861

An index of Harrison County Iowa marriage records for 1857-1861 providing name of groom, name of bride, and marriage date.

Extracted by Judy White.

Acrea, Nancy E.Fry, John3 May 1857
Carnest, Mary W.Blunt, Andrew6 September 1857
Case, TabithaSkelton, Joseph21 March 1857
Caywood, MargaretWilliamson, Augustus1 June 1857
Cutler, CarolineBelden, Anson6 May 1857
Cutler, HarrietDay, O.H.6 January 1857
Follett, Elizabeth M.Ellis, W.A.1 July 1857
Gibson, RachelHays, John T.4 March 1857
Holeton, TabithaStewart, N.2 February 1857
McNeely, SusanShields, F.7 April 1857
Milliman, MarthaButt, B.P.15 September 1857
Morareidge, SarahMcGavern, Samuel28 January 1857
Powell, Malissa M.Miller, Thomas J.1 April 1857
Stephens, ArtinaPalmer, Hiram4 July 1857
Stone, Ann E.Warren, Albert N.22 January 1857
Vore, SarahAbrams, G.W.3 May 1857
Wadsworth, AdeliaWood, D.C.22 July 1857
Williams, MaryHedley, J.23 April 1857
Wills, Mary N.Ennis, John15 June 1857
*Sawyer, C.L.Fletcher, L.B.18 May 1857
Anderson, Susan R.Squires, Norman T.12 June 1858
Coon, AlvanaDay, Joel H.5 December 1858
Coon, LucindaFry, Henry4 November 1858
Dunham, MargaretO'Banion, Jasper1 December 1858
Evans, Clementine J.Knauss, John H.10 December 1858
Farnsworth, EmelineCowan, Miler8 June 1858
Fornea, MarrianForbergh, Chas.18 January 1858
Frazier, MaryFaith, Thomas H.11 October 1858
Hawkins, JaneEssley, Wm.18 October 1858
Hopkins, JaneCooper, John W.6 February 1858
Jeffrey, MargaretMcHenry, Francis M.29 March 1858
Knauss, SarahDungan, Samuel19 May 1858
Lewis, LucretiaKinning, Henry19 October 1858
McKinzie, MariaDundam, Cornelius22 February 1858
McOhan, ElizabethShearer, Thomas14 November 1858
Morgareidge, EuniceMcNeely, Henry14 November 1858
Peckenpaugh, ElizabethEvans, A.B.M.12 September 1858
Petty, ElizabethCaywood, Franklin21 March 1858
Reel, AnnMcElroy, Henry P.19 June 1858
Reynolds, ElizabethHarmon, Franklin14 April 1858
Smithers, Lydia M.Hunter, Thomas J.3 January 1858
Thompson, AmeliaPate, Randolph1 December 1858
Wingers, AdalineVinning, Lewis20 November 1858
Winters, EmilyVinning, Richard6 March 1858
Wood, Helen M.Armstrong, Jas. F.8 August 1858
Young, MaryForbes, Henry11 July 1858
Cole, EllenPerkins, Abijah16 March 1859
Crispen, LucindaHouse, Wm. H22 December 1859
Ellison, LucindaServis, A.M.25 November 1859
Esley, AnnaDuhig, Thomas20 August 1859
Francis, LucyPorter, Francis J.6 February 1859
Fry, Nancy E.Fry, Washington9 June 1859
Givens, Mary J.Carlton, Geo. W.9 February 1859
Hilsinger, ArminthaDrake, T.B.17 August 1859
Holton, Eliza J.Moore, Samuel17 April 1859
Loss, Mary A.Morgareidge, Samuel28 September 1859
McClanehan, Mary E.Oaks, Salmon27 August 1859
McWilliams, Nancy E.Arthur, Wm.16 February 1859
Mendenhall, Della E.Williams, John W.29 March 1859
Morehead, CatharineHobbs, W.H.H.2 January 1859
Owens, PercellaMartin, Wm. J.17 July 1859
Patch, MaryGrant, Isaac29 December 1859
Patch, Sarah L.Raymond, W.T.27 December 1859
Purcell, Sarah J.Savage, Wm. C.29 February 1859
Sharpnack, SarahChambers, Hester23 December 1859
Smithers, Rachel R.White Warren2 December 1859
Walton, MaryWalton, Jeremiah22 December 1859
Albright, SarahVanarsdale, Cornelius2 February 1860
Ball, Eliza J.Vencent, Hiram G.3 February 1860
Baughan, ElveraVore, Wm.19 April 1860
Beebe, Julia A.Raymond, John M.2 July 1860
Boyd, Mary E.Richardson, Wm.18 August 1860
Brown, ElizabethPlate, Giles S.6 February 1860
Burcham, MalvinaChurch, Wm. S.8 November 1860
Burget, MaryWashburn, H.L.2 July 1860
Case, Mary A.Barnes, G.B.11 January 1860
Cromlie, Mary E.Eaton, D.F.19 September 1860
Darting, ElizabethOwens, Clabern1 March 1860
Drake, Mary D.Reel, O.P.3 November 1860
Eaton, Jennie S.Fairchild, H.F.25 October 1860
Francis, LucianLawson, Ames29 July 1860
Frazier, EmilyFrazier, Thomas J.22 January 1860
George, ElizabethTull, Jas.25 December 1860
Goldsmith, Sylvia J.Palmer, Warren S.11 October 1860
Guesner, AnnaSchultz, John20 April 1860
Headley, Mary A.Coon, Wm. H.H.18 December 1860
Kennedy, Elizabeth A.Greenfield, M.H.6 May 1860
Lawrence, Hattie E.Downs, John G.29 January 1860
Loss, Sarah M.Haner, James1 January 1860
McCoy Harriet B.Long, Jas.19 August 1860
McFadden, MaryStonewood, S.C.27 March 1860
McIntosh, MarthaSmith, Albert M.12 February 1860
Mahoney, RachelSpire, M.L.8 April 1860
Murphy, CarolineBacon, George S.10 April 1860
Radcliff, SarahHefford, Wm.29 April 1860
Stark, Emeline s.McCoid, Jas.23 August 1860
Symes, PhoebeCowley, Chas.19 January 1860
Vore, RebeccaJack, Samuel8 March 1860
Walton, MaryWalton, Joseph29 March 1860
Case, SylviaSmith, W.W.3 February 1861
Chedburn, Jane E.Burcham, John22 December 1861
Cokley, Nancy A.Swartz, Thomas8 September 1861
Coon, Amanda J.Headley, Jas. J.1 January 1861
Dunham, SophroniaWright, Samuel E.20 March 1861
Ellison, AlzivaServis, Jacob8 October 1861
Frazier, SarahReel, Henry B.27 March 1861
Gleason, Julia T.Bonney, B.F.7 January 1861
Gleason, MaryPratt, John3 October 1861
Gordon, SophiaAlexander, N.P.1 May 1861
Hall, MaryBeedle, Ansey8 March 1861
Harris, Mary E.Tamisiea, Victor16 March 1861
Hattery, EstherBarkhoff, Wm.10 March 1861
Hetherington, AmandaMusgrave, Geo.7 March 1861
Hester, ElizabethAutelus, Jacob24 March 1861
Holdgestron, Phoebe J.Dilley, Benj. F.18 July 1861
Hutchison, JaneTownsend, Garett21 February 1861
Kinnis, Mary A.Dungan, David R.17 February 1861
Manners, JasabellaEssley, Benj.15 August 1861
Owens, ElizabethDoyle, Michael31 March 1861
Pate, Emily F.Alexander, Henry M.6 July 1861
Percell, EmelineAdams, Jos. A.1 May 1861
Phillips, MaryStruges, Platt25 June 1861
Purcell, RebeccaBowen, Wm. H.8 December 1861
Ratcliff, LucyHall, Richard29 September 1861
Scofield, EvelynYeisley, Reuben21 May 1861
Scoville, MalindaKreps, Chas.23 June 1861
Sharp, AnnaBall, James1 January 1861
Smith, BetseyCatlin, Hooker15 June 1861
Stevens, Emma J.Barnes, Freeman B.30 March 1861
Thompson, LydiaJohnson, Alexander3 March 1861
Vanarsdol, ElizabethKnauss, Geo. W.6 October 1861

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