Harrison County Iowa Marriage Index 1862-1866

An index of Harrison County Iowa marriage records for 1862-1866 providing name of groom, name of bride, and marriage date.

Extracted by Judy White.

Abrams, MargaretPurcell, Lewis30 November 1862
Acrea, Sarah C.Miller, Geo.13 July 1862
Acrea, Sarah E.Richardson, Milien13 July 1862
Baskins, Sarah R.Burkholder, Jesse R.28 May 1862
Blunt, MaryCaywood, Francis M.18 February 1862
Boone, NancyO'Banion, Jos.4 November 1862
Burcham, P.C.Davis, Amherst L.6 February 1862
Cole, Julia E.McWilliams, Thos.B.21 January 1862
Coon, Mary E.Dufula, J.L.15 August 1862
Cox, Sarah J.Lewis, Ames20 May 1862
Eaton, Mary H.Hardy, Norman B.15 May 1862
Evans, Mary E.Massingale, Albert16 June 1862
Follett, CatharineNiles, L.A.12 June 1862
Haner, RebeccaWhite, Jas.16 November 1862
Hartley, Hannah B.Gray, Albert3 July 1862
Hillman, Mary A.Caywood, Geo.13 March 1862
Humphrey, AmandaTaylor, John26 December 1862
Hushaw, Margaret E.Riggs, Geo. F.14 August 1862
Johnson, Nancy C.McKinie, Washington11 May 1862
Lillsinger, Elmira E.Gamet, Gilbert16 April 1862
McPeat, SarahWallace, Michael16 February 1862
Niles, SophreniaFollett, John24 August 1862
Phillips, JulietteReeder, J.W.14 September 1862
Pounds, Nancy J.Cokely, John W.14 June 1862
Porter, Sarah E.Smith, A.J.2 April 1862
Pugh, Esther J.Knight, Houston27 August 1862
Rawsall, Hanna J.Oden, Chas. W.4 September 1862
Shaw, NancyOuthouse, Geo. B.21 September 1862
Smith, Maggie A.Neely, Butler F.2 July 1862
Smith, Sarah J.Frazier, Isaac N.7 May 1862
Spinks, Lydia V.McHenry, Wm. H.3 July 1862
Spinks, MergalineStephens, Chas. R.4 April 1862
Thomas, Sarah A.Francis, Gedeon R.12 October 1862
Wilkenson, CarolineYoung, Aaron2 April 1862
Burcham, AmandaTriplett, Jas. E.18 December 1863
Carrico, Jennie N.Adams, Addison M.13 December 1863
Chatburn, Mary E.Wood, Wm. W.25 December 1863
Cokly, SarahJordan, Joseph24 December 1863
Darting, ElizabethFry, Jefferson18 January 1863
Dickens, BarbaraFry, Andrew9 August 1863
Hall, VioletCutler, Wm. E.17 September 1863
Hildreth, LouisaSellers, Thos.2 August 1863
Hopkins Candle E.Walker, W.F.5 April 1863
Landon, Margaret L.Noyes, Chester16 September 1863
Mendenhall, PrisillaReeder, Levi12 October 1863
Parker, Sarah E.Johnson, Henry4 March 1863
Parker, Sarah E.Beebe, Lyman M.6 January 1863
Sellers, ElizabethParker, A.K.2 August 1863
Terwillinger, RosillaMcGavren, H.9 July 1863
Tuck, SalvinaChatburn, Thos.25 December 1863
Wakefield, JuliaHardy, Geo.16 August 1863
Younger, Juliette M.Babbitt, Chas19 December 1863
Alexander, Princetta P.Streeter, Levi J.18 May 1864
Armstorng, BettyHowarth, Edw.11 December 1864
Barnes, Sarah A.Allen, Wm.10 October 1864
Becknell, RebeccaRichardson, Geo.23 December 1864
Brown, RachelPalmer, Elijah26 November 1864
Butler, ElizabethHammer, Alfred4 February 1864
Butler, Orpha L.Kemps, Samuel W.14 October 1864
Chase, AnnaVerdenburgh, Chase H,23 March 1864
Cox, NancySmith, Wm. M.14 February 1864
Dungan, Nancy A.Wallace, Reuben21 March 1864
Earnest, Nancy A.Ennis, Hiram B.18 October 1864
Ellis, Margaret S.Meech, Harrison D.25 October 1864
Evans, CorneliaSmith, Jacob M.17 February 1864
Gove, Rachel M.Smith, H.S.4 September 1864
Hard, Laura*Frazier3 February 1864
Hester, Amanda J.Harney, Milton M.23 October 1864
Langley, Ellen C.Kratz, John W.8 October 1864
Mahoney, Hannah E.Fry, Jos. R.6 November 1864
McHenry, Lucy A.Walde, Samuel23 November 1864
McKenzie, Mary A.Fry, Ammen22 January 1864
Mead, OrphaPerkins, J.L.3 November 1864
Neely, MarthaPorter, Jessee30 December 1864
Pace, Martha E.Ballinger, W.M.2 January 1864
Reeder, Frances E.White, Hiram P.9 December 1864
Scoggins, ElmiraCuppy, Samuel27 September 1864
Sherman, Laura D.Drum, Cornelius10 July 1864
Smith, Ester A.Fish, Wm.14 January 1864
Sovers, Mary A.Reeder, Thos. W.16 October 1864
Townsend, LydiaHutchinson, Andrew20 March 1864
Vredenburgh, Caroline M.Connyers, J.J.10 July 1864
Wakefield, EmilyMahoney, Theadore27 March 1864
Wood, Emily E.Minton, David f.9 December 1864
Yaple, SusannaSpire, Martin L.7 February 1864
Young, Mary J.Earl, Jos. R.30 June 1864
Berry, Mary E.McElrey, Wm. G.16 July 1865
Champion, MarthaReeder, Jas. F.12 November 1865
Connyers, AnnaBredenbugh, Wm. H.23 November 1865
Deal, Sarah A.Acrea, Thomas J.9 March 1865
Drumm, Julia A,Cortney, Jesse21 August 1865
Dungan, SyllaHarper, Oliver P.20 September 1865
Fountain, Mary E.Blackburn, S.C.19 July 1865
Frazier, Emily E.Darting, J.R.15 March 1865
Fry, AliceMorlan, Jas. K.4 June 1865
Hall, Mary J.McHenry, Oliver3 November 1865
Hagerman, Mary A.Arbaugh, Wm. H.21 September 1865
Harton, LizzieNewton, Henry6 November 1865
Henderson, ElizaKnauss, Livy26 March 1865
Hetherington, AmandaWakefield, Whitney20 March 1865
Jones, Harriet E.Hatcher, J.J.V.1 May 1865
Kauss, Sarah E.Tucker, John W.10 December 1865
Kelley, RachelGrant, Jas. L.26 January 1865
Kime, MaryEvans, Wm4 May 1865
Lewis, LydiaPaulson, John W.26 February 1865
McElroy, AnnaBerry, Chas.22 February 1865
Mundy, Emily A.Harshbarger, H.C.14 December 1865
Norris, AnnTucker, Wm26 February 1865
Oaks, Sabree A.Moler, H.P.2 July 1865
Parcell, MaryRagans, Jos.12 July 1865
Perkins, MaryHuff, Conrad16 July 1865
Pierce, Emily A.Scofield, Ira3 September 1865
Reel, Mary J.Wilson, L.17 August 1865
Richardson, AlviraHolton, F. H.10 June 1865
Richardson, MaryScofield, H. G.5 March 1865
Richardson, SarahFry, Wm.4 May 1865
Roe, MaryLittle, W.F.27 January 1865
Ruqua, MaryKelley, B.F.31 December 1865
Scofield, CynthiaGleason, Augustus14 November 1865
Sheets, FlorenceWills, W.F.5 November 1865
Shields, FrancesTaylor, M.23 October 1865
Smith, Sarah E.Mains, Jesse P.21 September 1865
Toll, Sarah J.Brown, Chas.22 February 1865
Townsend, AngelineRobinson, Geo. B.21 June 1865
Vincent, JuliaShepard, Jas. S.22 February 1865
Walters, MargaretStone, John9 November 1865
Whipple, Mary J.Drum, cornelius10 March 1865
Wood, CelestiaHildreth, Orisch13 June 1865
Younger, AliceHall, Frank4 June 1865
Ackley, Mary E.Burkholder, W.H.10 April 1866
Albright, C.M.Hedgcock, solomanT.3 July 1866
Babcock, Pheoba A.Hadley, E.R.2 November 1866
Barnes, ArtimishaBarnett, Israel13 June 1866
Barber, AlmedaLytle, Jas. C.27 June 1866
Barnett, MargaretPeterman, Wm16 May 1866
Bonney, Alice L.Ellis, Andrew M.22 February 1866
Boon, ElizabethYoung, S.P.23 June 1866
Burchaman, EllenBlack, W.R.17 May 1866
Butts, Clarecy E.Brucham,Sampson24 May 1866
Case, SarahFry, Jas. M.16 December 1866
Caywood, MarindaSouth, David6 December 1866
Coker, RosalineJones, Hiram T.16 July 1866
Cook, LydiaMcIntyre, Thos. J.24 October 1866
Cox, MargareStewart, Jessee20 September 1866
DeForest, Mary E.Oviatt, Frederick8 August 1866
Dixon, EmmaButler, Washington H.24 July 1866
Dotson, D.K.*Alexander, E.C.11 May 1866
Ellis, HannahBarnes, J.W.18 January 1866
Ennis, KansasRitchison, Walter26 December 1866
Essley, ElizabethVanosdol, Samuel A.25 March 1866
George, SarahJones, John K.22 August 1866
Goodrich, Lucy M.Wright, W.H.H.17 January 1866
Haggerman, Mary E.Akers, Josua B.10 May 1866
Hamblin, Clara J.Scoville, Geo. S.28 December 1866
**Hartsell, FrancesCromsby, J.B.27 November 1866
Hattery, LucindaDutsal, Lewis17 March 1866
Henderson, Erma J.Armstrong, Jas. L.2 September 1866
Hickox, Mary L.Lewis, B.L.30 May 1866
Hillman, Phoebe E.Dungan, Samuel11 May 1866
Holcumb, MarthaJackson, Alfred18 November 1866
King, AnnaMinturn, John6 March 1866
Knauss, Anna E,Kirk, H. L.22 February 1866
Lewis, MaryShaw, Wm. B. W.15 July 1866
Love, Hannah L.Penrod, Daniel15 November 1866
McIntosh, PameliaLewis, Hiram1 March 1866
Mefford, Cenia A.Springer, John6 September 1866
Mefford, Susan J.Lendsay F.13 May 1866
Miles, RosannaMcWilliams, L.H.3 April 1866
Newman, MarindaEarnest, W.H.29 April 1866
Noyes, Susan M.Morgareidge, Richard18 February 1866
Patch, AmeliaFallon, Wm. T.20 January 1866
Perrin, EmmaWissinger, Hiram28 October 1866
Potter, MaryCampbell, Wm.16 December 1866
Reynolds, Martha E.Nichols, Jas.20 September 1866
Reynolds, Sarah A.Davis, W.L.15 July 1866
Richardson, AdeliaHenderson Milton24 November 1866
Richardson, DianthaHenderson, Nathan D.6 September 1866
Rogers, NellieRoberts, B.F.26 March 1866
Savage, Elizabeth J.Holton, Jacob S.20 August 1866
Smith, Mary E.Chapman, Jas.8 February 1866
Stanathan, L.E.Bunn, Samuel19 January 1866
Stern, Amy A.Milliman, Henry S.6 September 1866
Stewart, Mary J.Clark, Samuel9 November 1866
Straight, AngelinaAllen, M.C.20 September 1866
Straight, EllenGood, Wm.21 January 1866
Streeter, Princetta P.Wlder, Stephan A.27 November 1866
Teeter, Frances**McClanahan, J. L.27 May 1866
Titsant, Dora H.Goodenough, Orson J.6 September 1866
Tucker, Mary H.Miller, A.E.23 September 1866
Tull, Elizabeth A.Beldon, Anson11 February 1866
Tupley, Mary MFrederick, S.L.16 October 1866
Waldon, Mary E.Coulthard, Geo.18 January 1866
Welch, Mary J.Mathews, W.H.20 May 1866
Wood, Mary E.Butler, J.M.22 November 1866

** Assignment as bride based on spelling of name Frances.
* Unsure of whom is the bride and whom is the groom.

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