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Harrison County Iowa Probate Records 1853-1987

Harrison County Iowa Probate Records 1853-1987

The following records can be found within the database Iowa, Wills and Probate Records, 1758-1997. As of June 2017, most of them are not searchable, but are able to be browsed. Over the coming months, we will be transcribing the indices for these probates here, so that you can find the information more easier.

Mondamin High School Alumni 1897-1961

Pictures for most of the graduating classes of Mondamin High School can be found in the Mondamin Public Library.   Graduating classes from 1897 to 1961 are included here.  In 1962 due to reorganization the Mondamin, Modale, Pisgah and Little Sioux schools became West...

Mondamin Early Residents

Joseph Krumel native of Bohemia, arrived in Mondamin in 1868.  The day after his arrival he went to work cutting logs.  Other men were cutting posts and making holes in logs, fastening them together with mulberry limbs.  these were made into rafts which were about 25...

Mondamin Historical Photo Album

Mondamin Historical Photo Album

I am very grateful to Larry Stevens for many of the photo's used on this page.  He also provided me with photo's used in the "Gee Family History".   If you have photo's you would like to contribute to this page or any page on the Harrison County Web Site. [gallery...

Mondamin Iowa

Mondamin Iowa

On the west line of Harrison County and the second township from the north line, is Morgan Township, in which is situated the town of Mondamin. Morgan township was organized in 1867, and derived its name from Morgan County, Ohio, from which Capt. John Noyes, one of...

Mondamin Civil War Veterans

Barnes Post 103 Grand Army of the Republic was organized in Mondamin October 24, 1882 by seventeen charter members. The first officers were: C. H. Burrows, Commander; T. J. Powell, S.V.; W. B. Keith, J. V.; E. J. Hagerman, Surgeon; John H. Noyes, Q.M.; S. J. Linn,...

1922 Union Township Directory

 1922 Directory of Union Township, Harrison County, Iowa Yrs.=Years in County Sec.= Section Owner=Person listed in Atlas if different than Name Name Yrs. Wife Children Address Sec. Owner Berndt, A. C. 8 None listed Carl A. Stella B. Grace M. Neola 35 . Berry, Walter...

1884 Harrison County Atlas

1884 Directory of Harrison County Iowa 1884 Directory of Clay Iowa 1884 Directory of Douglas Iowa 1884 Directory of Harrison Iowa 1884 Directory of Jackson Iowa 1884 Directory of Jefferson Iowa 1884 Directory of LaGrange Iowa 1884 Directory of Lincoln Iowa 1884...

Towns of Harrison County

1868 Harrison County History

“History and Description of Harrison County”

Townships of Harrison County

1884 Allen’s Atlas, Listing of Property owners


1902 Harrison County Photos

Pages 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

1922 Harrison County Atlas

Listing by head of household, wife and children

Other Harrison County Genealogy Data


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