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Harrison County Iowa Genealogy

Thanks for stopping by!! We are Judy Wallis White and Dennis Partridge and we will be your host for American History and Genealogy Project for Harrison County. We hope your enjoy your visit and will come back often!! If you have questions or suggestions, please drop us a note.


American History and Genealogy Project
American History and Genealogy Project

Towns of Harrison County

1868 Harrison County History

“History and Description of Harrison County”

Townships of Harrison County

1884 Allen’s Atlas, Listing of Property owners

1884 Patrons Directory

1884 Allen’s Atlas, Listing of Patrons Business Directory

Harrison County 1884 Business Directory

1884 Allen’s Atlas, Listing of Business by Town

1902 Harrison County Photos

Pages 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

1922 Harrison County Atlas

Listing by head of household, wife and children

Other Harrison County Genealogy Data


4 thoughts on “Harrison County Iowa Genealogy”

  1. I was wondering if there is a local office that houses information. I am looking for information and or photos of the following people/family.

    Amalia ( Molly) Fredrika Onken Kraack
    Oct 11,1879-Dec 8,1938
    Married to Johann (John) Frederick Wilhelm Kraack
    Lived in Allen, Harrison,Iowa about 1905-1910
    They had a son born Oct 14,1906
    One piece of info I have says Moorhead and one says Allen, Harrison, Iowa
    He is Donald Harley Kraack.
    I am checking to see if there is any info obtainable
    Of history of the area and possibly the family.

  2. My dad was on the first concrete road construction of Loess Hills Trail about in 1929-30. Among his photos was one of a food or general store with the name Geo J. Schultz. Can anyone tell me if that store was located in Mondamin. Thanks

  3. Thank you so much for your work and this website. My great grandfather, Benjamin Franklin Brown (1844-1888) farmed, raised stock, etc. on 120 acres near Magnolia. His mom and step-dad, Rebecca (Moore) and Plat Mott lived nearby as did others of this family group. The family moved into Nebraska where he became involved in politics (first county supervisor for Gage and first county Clerk for Perkins) and was an esteemed merchant of farm equipment, etc. while living in Barneston, Gage. I first researched him in 2005 and now have returned to update and add to his biography. Again, thanks!

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