Sioux City Iowa Board of Trade

The Board of Trade, has performed an important part in attracting many desirable manufacturers hither, and among the first brought here, through its influence, was the Sioux City Plow Company, an institution of which the city feels justly proud. In May, 1880, a stock company of practical mechanics was organized under the above name, and commenced the erection of a suitable building for the manufacture of plows, and in the following September the first plow was turned out. The next season, their goods were placed upon the market and immediately sprang into public favor; and though the works have a capacity of fifty finished plows per day, so great has become the demand that the company has not been able to fully meet the requirements of its trade, and an increase in the building capacity of the works has become an imperative necessity. The Sioux City Plow is made with special reference to its adaptability to the peculiar soil of this section, and possesses many points of superiority over those of Eastern manufacture. The works of the company, situated in the southeastern part of the city, are substantial, two story brick buildings, supplied with all the necessary machinery for the turning out of first class work.

The following officers were elected for the balance of the year:
President, H.A. Jandt;
Vice President, John Hornick;
Treasurer, A.S. Garretson;
Secretary, E.W. Skinner;
Directors, F.H. Peavey, H.A. Perkins, W.H. Beck, F.L. Goewey, E.C. Palmer, Geo. H. Howell, J.P. Dennis.

In November, 1881, the following officers were elected:
President, F.H. Peavey;
Vice President, John Hornick;
Treasurer, A.S. Garretson;
Secretary, E.W. Skinner;
Directors, H.A. Jandt, F.L. Goewey, E.C. Palmer, W.H. Livingston, W.H. Beck, H.A. Perkins, R.S. Van Keuren.

The subject of railroad extensions, and increased rail facilities, and the improvement of the Missouri River by the Government, have also had consideration.

Source: Woodbury County Iowa, History of Western Iowa, 1882

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