Odebolt Societies

Wheeler Lodge No. 398, A.F. & A.M Instituted October 1879, and worked under dispensation until June, 1880, when their charter was received. The charter members are and first officers were: J. M. Zane, W.M.; W. A. Helsell, S.W.; H. T. Martrin, J.W.; Frank Burleigh, Treasure; F. A. Cobb, Secretary. H. C. Wheeler, W.W. Field, Geo. Belt, and Mr. Douglas were among the charter members. The present officers are: E. P. Messer, W.M.; W. A. Helsell, S.W.; J. M. Zane, J.W.; C. W. Sutton, S.D.; E. Grist, J.D.; Wm. Graham, Secretary; Frank Burleigh, Treasurer. The society has a membership of thirty, and is in a flourishing condition. This society meets once each Monday in their hall.

Harmony Collegium No.5, VA.S. Was instituted December 3d, 1881. The charter members were: F. L. Dennis, Aaron Young, A.G. Errenbom, C.D. Boardman, W.E. Mill, C.A. Stoops, D. A Watterman, C.R. Dingman, J.A. Gibson, H. B. Preston, J. H.Wagner, H.F. Weneke, Irwin Austin, W. Jacob, E. Schmidt, H. Anderson, L. Halboth, George Halboth, A.B. Cooley. The first and present officers are: F. L. Dennis, Rector; Aaron Young, Vice-Rector; A.G. Errenbom, Scribe; C.D. Boardmam., Questor; W. E. Mill, Usher; C.A. Stoops, Speculator; D.A. Wtterman, C.R. Dingman and J. A. Gibson, Curators. The society has about twenty-five members, and holds meeting once a month.

Odebolt Lodge, A.O.U.W, No. 217 Instituted May 25th, 1880. The first officers were: J. W. Dubbs, P.M.W.;  J. W. Burnside, M.W.; C. S. Lee, Foreman; W. Van Dusen, Recorder; C. B. Francisco, Financier; H. Hansen, Receiver; T. M. Keever, Guide; J. E. Emspohr, O.W.; A. E. Matthews, J. W.; A. Groman, and C. D. Boarman, Medical Examiners. The present officers are: W. Van Duesen, M.W.; F. L. Dennis, Foreman; Ed. Colvin, Overseer; G. M. Tagget, Recorder; C.D. Boardman, P.M.W.; J. Mattes, Guide; C. H. Babcock, Receiver; L. Olney, O.W.; C. B. Francisco, Financier. There is a membership of about forty, and the Lodge meets once in two weeks.

Sac County Iowa, History of Western Iowa, 1882

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