Sioux City Iowa Citizens Association

During the autumn of 1872, the first Citizens’ Association, for the general advancement of the business and manufacturing interests of the city was formed. The first meeting for the formation of this association was held November 21st, 1872, at the courtroom, which was at that time in the Hubbard block, on Fourth Street. It was called by the Mayor, G.W. Kingsworth, Hon. A.W. Hubbard introduced the following resolution, which was unanimously adopted:

“Resolved, That this meeting is in favor of organizing an association, the object of which shall be to induce manufactures to come to this place.”

A provisional board was appointed; also committees to draft a constitution, by-laws, and for procuring members.

December 9th the committee reported a constitution, which was adopted; and that they had secured 221 names for membership. The name this association adopted was “The Sioux City Chamber of Commerce.”

January 13th, 1873, the following officers were elected for the year:

President, J.C. Flint,
First Vice-President, A.W. Hubbard,
Second Vice-President, S.T. Davis;
Directors, J.H. Swan, M.C. Bogue, J.J. Saville, L.C. Sanborn, C.E. Hedges, A. Groninger, J.P. Dennis, E.W. Skinner, A.R. Wright, H.L. Warner.
Board of Arbitration, J.C.C. Hoskins, W.L. Joy, L. Wynn, J.E. Booge, L. McCarty; Secretary, F.C. Thompson.
Treasurer, J.M. Pinckney.

During the year the organization secured the location of Joseph Trudell’s wagon shop; entertained the St. Paul Chamber of Commerce on its visit to Sioux City, September 10th; published a twenty-four page pamphlet, containing statistics and description of the city, and did a good deal of miscellaneous work toward securing railroads, Government improvement of river, etc.

In January, 1874, the following officers were elected for the year; President, J.C.C. Hoskins; First Vice-President, J.H. Swan; Second Vice-President, L.C. Sanborn, Directors, James E. Booge, Thomas J. Stone, William R. Smith, Joseph Schulien, L. McCarty, James M. Bacon, E.B. Crawford, George W. Kingsnorth, E.E. Lewis, C.J. Kathrens. Committee on Arbitration, W.S. Joy, H.L. Warner, D.T. Hedges, J.C. Flint, A.W. Hubbard. F.C. Thompson was re-elected Secretary, and J.M. Pinckney, Treasurer.

This organization The Chamber of Commerce was quite active during the year in working up the material interests of the city; but a quorum of members did not respond to the call for the annual meeting of 1875, and the officers previously elected held over.

Source: Woodbury County Iowa, History of Western Iowa, 1882

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