Sac City, Iowa Societies

Sac City Lodge No. 323, IOOF. Instituted November 5th, 1878. The charter members were V. M. Crummett, H. W. Crandall, G. N. Pratt, W. H., Hobbs, J. H. Thomas, John Dobson, H. W. Mix, E. Wadell, D. Sargent, D. F. Gifford, M. Peyton. First officers: M. Peyton, N. G.; D. Sargent, Secretary; D. F. Gifford, V.G.; W. H. Hobbs, Treasurer. Present officers: D. F. Gifford, N. G.; Martin Glass, V.G.; J. Koder, Secretary; M. Peyton, Treasurer. This lodge has a membership of thirty and meets every Thursday evening in Masonic Hall. The Lodge is in a flourishing condition.

Occidental Lodge A.F. & A.M Instituted August, 1865; charter granted June, 1866. Charter members: D.C. Early,  J. Williams, W. V. Lagourgue, G. H. Wright, J. W. Fiberghien, T. M. Cory. First officers: D.C. Early, W.M.; J. Williams, S.W.; G. H. Wright, J.W.; W. V. Lagourgue, Treasurer; F.M. Cory, Secretary. Present officers: P. Schaller, W.M.; C. E. Lane, S.W.; J. H. Thomas, J.W.; W. M. Allen, Treasurer; C. E. Read, Secretary. Present membership, seventy-two. The Lodge meets the Saturday night on or before each full moon, in their hall.

Rose Croix Commandery No. 38, K. T. Was instituted Dec., 1881. The charter members were: D.C. Early, P. H. Hawkins, E. R Duffie, W. H. Hobbs, M. Childs, B. W. Trout, R. T. Shearer, M. M. Gray, H. S. Briggs and Sidney Smith. First officers: D.C. Early, B.C.; E. R Duffie, Glo.; RT. Shearer, C.G. The present officers are: D.C. Early, E. C.; Phil. Schaller, Glo.; Levi Davis, C. G.; W. H. Hobbs, S.W.; M. Childs, J. W.; Sidney Smith, Secretary; C. L. Early, Treasurer. The present membership is thirty. This society meets the second Tuesday in each month. It is a flourishing condition.

Darius Chapter No. 50, R.A.M Was instituted February 1st, 1871. The charter members were: Wm. McKay, W. H. Hobbs, E. R. Duffie, E. R. Chase, S.S. Armstrong, J. Orr, and Oliver Dint. First officers: E. R Chase, H. P.; J. E. Armstrong, K.; E. R. Duffie, S. The present officers are: Levi Davis, H. P.; D.C. Early, K.; J. E. Armstrong, S.; R. H. Lamoreux, Treasurer; Sidney Smith Secretary. Present membership, seventy. The Lodge meets on the Monday evening on or before the full moon in each month.

Sac Collegium, VA.S., No. 75 Instituted August 21st, 1881. First officers: A.D. Peck, Rector; Geo. Schaller, Scribe. Present officers: A.D. Peck, Rector; Frank C. Knights, Scribe. The membership is twenty-one. Meet the first Friday in each month.

Sac County Iowa, History of Western Iowa, 1882

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