Polk County

Pioneers of Polk County, Iowa

Biography of John D. McGlothlin

Among the very early settlers prominently associated with the public affairs of Polk County and The Fort during their formative governmental period, was John D. McGlothlin, a typical pioneer, whose experiences, like others of his class in those days, contrasted with their environments twenty years later, seem altogether mythical. He came, with his family, in …

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Major Thomas Cavanagh

Biography of Major Thomas Cavanagh

Early settlers of Des Moines often recall with pleasure their remembrance of Thomas Cavanagh. On Christmas Day, in 1848, he walked across the Mississippi River at Clinton on the ice, and arrived here early in 1849; a man about thirty-five years old, of large physique, athletic, muscular build, who was for many years a model, …

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Charles Weitz

Biography of Charles Weitz

I cannot avoid mention in these reminiscences of old-timers of friend Weitz, who, from his genial nature, good humor, and sociability, was known as “Charley” by everybody in the early days. He was born in Schotten Germany, about thirty miles from the city of Frankfurt, in Hesse-Darmstadty, May Fourth, 1826. His father, Heinrich Weitz, was …

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James C. Savery

Biography of James C. Savery

James C. Savery was born in Wareham, Massachusetts, November Thirtieth, 1826. His forefathers were Puritans, of the Pilgrim Fathers, who emigrated to America in 1620.In early life, his family resided at Saratoga, New York. He came to Des Moines early in the Spring of 1853, and soon after purchased the Marvin House, on Third Street, …

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Pioneers of Polk County, Iowa

Biography of Benjamin B. Bryant

Among the earliest settlers in this region, antedating Barlow Granger and his clan of “pioneers,” was Benjamin B. Bryant, small of stature, active, energetic, unique in many ways, social, genial, who became quite popular and held many places of public trust, the duties of which he performed with strict integrity. He came here in 1842, …

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Frank M. Mills

Biography of Frank M. Mills

One of the most active, energetic men who came here in the early days, and who impressed his individuality upon passing events, was Frank M. Mills. Small of stature, but a perfect bundle of restless energy and force, which permeated every political, social and business affair of the city and the state——in fact, several states——his …

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