Polk County

Jefferson S. Polk

Biography of Jefferson S. Polk

Measured by the tangible, observable, accomplished results, Jefferson S. Polk (or “Jeff,” as he is familiarly called) must be accorded a prominent place among the builders of the city. He came here in 1855, from Kentucky, a young lawyer, twenty-three years old, with no capital except a college diploma, ambition, pluck and perseverance, and at …

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Parmalee and Watt's Mill

History of Parmelee’s Mill

The person who goes though [through] the country on the railroads diverging from the city, and sees the fine farm houses and their pleasing environments, has no conception of the trials and privations which encompassed their beginnings. As a rule, the pioneers located their claims near rivers and creeks. The clothing they wore, a small …

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Colonel Sumner F. Spofford

Biography of Colonel Sumner F. Spofford

Mention of men and events of early days would be incomplete that omitted “Colonel” Sumner F. Spofford, who came here in 1854, and for thirty-four years was a moving spirit in public affairs. Without a military record, he was given the title of “Colonel” by common consent, and it fitted him well. In 1852, Conrad …

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Dr. Francis C. Grimmel

Biography of Dr. Francis C. Grimmel

One of the very early settlers here who made their impress upon the city, and for sixteen years was one of the foremost, energetic, respected citizens, was Doctor F. C. Grimmel. In August, 1846, in Ohio, he gathered together his family, consisting of his wife, three sons and two daughters, and, with four wagons loaded …

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Dr. Thomas K. Brooks

Biography of Dr. Thomas K. Brooks

Few, if any, of the first settlers here were better or more intimately known than Doctor Thomas K. Brooks, whose profession led him into the homes and confidence of the settlers. His genial, jolly, sympathetic nature made him very popular. Though an excellent physician, his presence was often more beneficial than his medicine. He came …

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Elder John A. Nash

Biography of Elder John A. Nash

To the zealous, philanthropic labor of Father Bird, Elder Nash and Father Brazil rightfully belongs the founding of the religious and educational element in social life of this city, as evidenced by the ninety-six houses for religious worship and the sixty-two schools. Rev. John A. Nash, or “Elder,” as he was familiarly called, came to …

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Rev. Thompson Bird

Biography of Rev. Thompson Bird

Standing on a street corner, seeing the street cars, the arc and incandescent lights, the “devil wagon,” the tall and stately marts of trade, in every direction the concomitants of a prosperous, contented, enlightened and healthful municipality, the mind of the old-timer naturally harks back to the days when things were not thus; to the …

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Thomas Mitchell

Biography of Thomas Mitchell

Thomas Mitchell may be justly recorded as the godfather of Polk County. His generous, humanitarian heart embraced all men and all things. His very face was a smile. Everybody called him “Uncle Tommy.” He was born March Third, 1816, in Claremont, Sullivan County, New Hampshire, and was of Scotch-Irish descent. His father was a farmer, …

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Adair County Iowa Death Records Page 1

Iowa State Death Record Indexes, 1917-1939

The State Historical Society of Iowa is in the process of making more of these records available online. Currently they have placed online death records for 87 counties with various dates for all of them which fall between 1917 and 1939.

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