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Iowa State Death Record Indexes, 1917-1939

The State Historical Society of Iowa is in the process of making more of these records available online. Currently they have placed online death records for 87 counties with various dates for all of them which fall between 1917 and 1939.

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Sioux City Iowa Citizens Association

During the autumn of 1872, the first Citizens’ Association, for the general advancement of the business and manufacturing interests of the city was formed. The first meeting for the formation of this association was held...

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Sioux City Iowa Merchants Exchange

In October, 1877, the merchants of Sioux City met and formed the Merchants Exchange, and the following officers were elected for the year: President, J.M. Bacon; Vice President, L.C. Sanborn; Secretary, E.H. Bucknam; Treasurer,...

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Other Towns of Woodbury County, Iowa

Smithland. One of the early settlements in the county was Smithland, on the Little Sioux River, about thirty-five miles southeast of Sioux City. At this place in January 1857, began, between the whites and Indians, the troubles...

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Woodbury County, Iowa Biographies

This collection consists of 158 brief biographical sketches extracted from the History of Western Iowa. It contains only the sketches from Woodbury County in Iowa. The sketches are sorted alphabetically by last name. Adams, D.D....

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Woodbury County, Iowa Officials Appointed

The officials mentioned appear to have been appointed to hold until the first election; for on August 16th of the year following, John Cook gives his bond as county Judge; Samuel H. Casady as Treasurer; M.F. Moore, Prosecuting...

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Sloan, Woodbury County, Iowa

This prosperous and enterprising little place is situated on the Sioux City & Pacific Railway, twenty-one miles below Sioux City, and four miles from the Missouri River. It possesses no corporate powers in itself, but is a...

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Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa Schools

Rapid and substantial as we have seen the growth of Sioux city to have been, in population and commercial importance, intellectual progress has been maintained in a degree fully equal to its material progress; and, today, it is...

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