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Sioux City Iowa Citizens Association

During the autumn of 1872, the first Citizens’ Association, for the general advancement of the business and manufacturing interests of the city was formed. The first meeting for the formation of this association was held...

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Sioux City Iowa Merchants Exchange

In October, 1877, the merchants of Sioux City met and formed the Merchants Exchange, and the following officers were elected for the year: President, J.M. Bacon; Vice President, L.C. Sanborn; Secretary, E.H. Bucknam; Treasurer,...

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Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa Schools

Rapid and substantial as we have seen the growth of Sioux city to have been, in population and commercial importance, intellectual progress has been maintained in a degree fully equal to its material progress; and, today, it is...

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Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa Post Office

The first post office was located in an unostentatious log building, the private residence of the Postmaster, Dr. John K. Cook, who received his commission from President Pierce, by the first mail that arrived in the place, July...

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Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa Pork Placking

Pork packing was begun, in a small way, in Sioux City, in the winter of 1872-3. The building occupied was a small wooden affair on Water street above Fifth. That season H.D. Booge & Co. killed 5,000 hogs. The experiment was...

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Sioux City Iowa, Platted

In the winter of 1854-5, the town of Sioux City was laid out. Among the settlers at that time were the following: Hiram Nelson, Marshall Townsley, Franklin Wixon, G.W. Chamberlain, and Francis Chappel. About this time the...

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Sioux City, Woodbury County Newspapers

The press of Sioux City has been an important factor in the upbuilding of the city, and no other single agency has contributed more to make the city what it is. It has ever been said, that the character of its newspapers may...

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Sioux City Iowa Miscellaneous Manufactories

Among the manufacturing interests of the city, which can only be mentioned without giving any detailed account are: C.F. Hoyt’s Vinegar Works, employing five men; John Beck’s planing mill, fifteen men; A.J....

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