1884-1885 Iowa State History

“This sketch is intended principally as a pen-picture of Sac County as it now is, and will include a short outline of its history and a few incidents of the life of the early settlers. “The soil of Sac County is a deep black loam, and in its nature is purely a vegetable decomposition. Its depth is from eighteen inches to five or six feet. In some parts of the county the surface is almost perfectly level for long distances, but in general it is of the genuine ‘rolling prairie’ description. The inexhaustibility of the soil is shown by the …

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1914 Sac County Business Interests

Auburn | Carnavon | Early |Lake View | Nemaha | Odebolt | Schaller | Wall Lake Sac City was not included in this listing. AUBURN Agricultural Implements – E. Reardon. Banking – Farmers and Merchants. Barber Shops – C. F. Brower. Brick and Drain Tile Works – The Straight family. Blacksmith Shop – William Rettig. Dray Line – E. Basto. Drugs – J. Kessler, C. C. Basler. Elevator – Howard & Barry. Furniture – T. J. Barry. Garage – Grey & Dahlquist. General Dealers – E. R. Brennan, Lee Jones. Grocery – S. Mott. Hotel – The Auburn House, G. …

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1922 Union Township Directory

 1922 Directory of Union Township, Harrison County, Iowa Yrs.=Years in County Sec.= Section Owner=Person listed in Atlas if different than Name Name Yrs. Wife Children Address Sec. Owner Berndt, A. C. 8 None listed Carl A. Stella B. Grace M. Neola 35 . Berry, Walter A. 1 Cora Douglas Persia 12 Graf, N. A. Boehler, Frank 40 Louise Frank Albert Elizabeth John August Margaret Fern Louie Logan 7 . Bredenkamp Bros. 13 . . Persia 11 Bredenkamp, C. Mrs. Brownell, Ray O. 13 Hattie . Logan 13 . Brown, Tom 30 Minnie Bernice Neola 22 Hills, Roland, Fallon, Loyd W. …

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1884 Harrison County Atlas

1884 Directory of Harrison County Iowa 1884 Directory of Clay Iowa 1884 Directory of Douglas Iowa 1884 Directory of Harrison Iowa 1884 Directory of Jackson Iowa 1884 Directory of Jefferson Iowa 1884 Directory of LaGrange Iowa 1884 Directory of Lincoln Iowa 1884 Directory of Little Sioux Iowa 1884 Directory of Magnolia Iowa 1884 Directory of Morgan Iowa 1884 Directory of Raglan Iowa 1884 Directory of St John Iowa 1884 Directory of Taylor Iowa 1884 Directory of Union Iowa 1884 Directory of Washington Iowa Business Directory of Dunlap, Iowa Business Directory of Little Sioux, Iowa Business Directory of Magnolia, Iowa Business …

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1868 History: Morgan – Union Townships, Harrison County, Iowa

Morgan Township Morgan Township has been included under the organization of Raglan, and formed a part until the 1st of January, 1868, at which time the previous petition, it was organized as Morgan Township. Morgan lies west of Raglan and on the Missouri River, four by five miles in extent, and contains a good timber and farming land. Mondamin is the name of a new town laid off on the U.P. & S.C. Rail Road, and bids fair to be a good trading and shipping point. The first settlers of this township were E. J. Hagerman, D. W. Fletcher, I. …

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1868 Harrison – Jefferson Townships, Harrison County, Iowa

Harrison Township Harrison Township is the northeastern township of Harrison County. Timber in this township is not over abundant, the groves being small; but since it is surrounded by groves on all sides it cannot suffer for timber. Through it flows the beautiful Boyer’s healthy water. The Boyer is a small river, and one of the best streams for mills and water powers in the west. Springs abound in abundance, and a healthier climate or purer water cannot be found anywhere. In the latter part of 1856, or the beginning of 1857, three settlers located here and built themselves temporary …

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1868 Lincoln - Magnolia Townships, Harrison County, Iowa 1

1868 Lincoln – Magnolia Townships, Harrison County, Iowa

Lincoln Township The first settlement commenced in Lincoln Township was some time during the year 1857. James Sellick, Hiram Moore and Henry Hushaw, were among the first who broke the sod in this township and as evidence of their appreciation of the place they located, they have remained there ever since, and are now prosperous farmers. Timber is rather scarce, there not being more than one section in the whole township. The groves are Four Mile, Cockran’s and Selleck’s Grove. The first school house was built in w1860, and there are now two good school houses, in which are taught …

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